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5 Easy Care Tips to Keep Your Sweaters Looking New

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

It's finally the most wonderful time of the year in NC, Sweater Season! If you stored your sweaters correctly last year, you're probably good to go pull them out and start wearing them. But if you weren't as careful they most likely need some love. Below, I give you five tips to whip your sweaters back into shape. I'll also share how to store them at the end of the season to get the most life out of your sweaters.

1. What's the best way to remove pills from my sweaters?

It's extremely common for sweaters to pill. Pills are those little hairy balls or general fuzz that forms on your sweater. More technically, they are short fibers from your sweater that have become entangled. Pilling is the result of friction from regular wear and washing. However, certain fabrics like wool and cotton are more prone to pilling.

To remove pills, lay the sweater flat and take a standard razor and gently move along the surface of the sweater. You can also use a small pair of scissors. There are also brushes and automatic fabric shavers you can purchase. Be sure to remove the fuzz along with the balls that have formed.

2. What's the best way to wash my sweaters?

To get the longest life out of your sweaters it's best to hand wash them. Unless the label on your sweater says "dry clean only". I always take a "dry clean only" label seriously, and you will too if you love your sweater. But when it comes to "machine wash cold", or "gentle cycle" labels, I default to hand-washing.

You can hand wash in a clean large sink, bucket, or tub. Before I hand wash any of my clothing, I use an all natural cleanser ( Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap) to remove any residue or harsher chemicals from the basin to ensure the fabric of my garment isn't discolored during the washing process.

Be sure to always wash sweaters in cold water. Warm or hot water will shrink your sweaters especially organic fabrics. Add a gentle detergent and soak for 30 minutes.

TIP: Always wear a long sleeve layer under your sweater. You only want to wash your sweaters every 3-5 wears. This way you're less likely to get your sweater dirty from body sweat.

3. What's the best way to dry my sweaters?

After soaking your sweater for 30 minutes, rinse the sweater under cold water to remove the detergent and dirt. Once throughly rinsed, squeeze excess water from the sweater. Make sure you do not wring or twist your sweater to remove the water. Simply squeeze the garment section by section (arm, body, arm). Then lay your sweater flat on a drying rack or hard surface to dry.

4. How do I remove wrinkles from my sweaters?

To get rid of wrinkles it's best to use a steamer. Personally, I prefer to steam rather than iron all of my clothing but especially for sweaters and organic fabrics. Steaming gently removes wrinkles without compromising the fluffiness of your sweater. For best steaming results, gently pull down on the wrinkled area while going over the sweater with the steamer, then release.

You can find affordable yet effective hand steamers at Target as low as $20.

5. How do I store my sweaters?

Another sweater pro tip is NEVER HANG YOUR SWEATERS. The best way to keep the integrity of your sweaters shape is to fold them. It's also important to let them breathe, so don't fold them and stuff them into a drawer. Either place them on the top shelf of your closet, or if your closet has built in cubbies that's a great place for a couple of sweaters. At one time, I stored some of my sweaters in my tv stand shelves... tight spaces call for creativity, lol.

When the season is over, go through the cleaning process, remove any pills and fold your sweaters. Store them in a breathable bin or just move them to a higher shelf in your closet. It's important to not seal off your sweaters from air while they are in storage.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Stay cozy and safe.

Until next time,

YOD Style

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