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Vice President Kamala Harris Wardrobe Predictions: A Serious Matter

A friend of mine asked if I would put together some looks for our incoming Vice President Madam Kamala Harris. I thought it was a great idea, and decided to write up a blog post about my vision for Madam Vice President Harris, our first Black, Indian, and Woman VP of the US.

My selections for Kamala Harris are quite different from my normal colorful and statement making pieces, primarily because “This is a Serious Matter” as Mrs.Harris’s sorority sisters of AKA would say. For the record, I’m not affiliated with any sororities nor trying to claim so by using this signature phrase of the AKA’s. It’s just so extremely fitting for this role and moment in history, it was too perfect not to use.

Not only is Vice President Harris the first woman of color in the history of this nation to hold such a powerful position, she and President Biden are inheriting the country in a state of chaos. The economy is declining, we’re in a pandemic, we’re facing environmental crises, Black people are still being murdered by police, white supremacist have declared war on the government and the country is in complete turmoil.

I strongly believe VP Harris’s wardrobe should be as serious as the times we are in, and show the world she is no novelty pick for VP. She should present strong, capable, rational, presidential, and polished. I’d like to see Madam VP Harris in sharp lines, solid colors, double breasted suiting, especially during this first year of her term.

She’s shown us her approachable, relatable, fun loving side during the campaign and which was absolutely necessary to attract younger voters and win the hearts of the people. Now, it’s time to get down to business, like we know she is more than capable of doing.

So below I’ve put together some inspiration looks I’d like to see VP Harris wearing this upcoming year. I also included a few fun looks for special events, like the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, and White House State Dinner. Hope you enjoy it!


Official White House statements




Formal dinner where the President hosts international leadership.



These looks are for when VP Harris gets photographed walking her dog, or outside of her home on a walk etc.

Until next time!

YOD Style

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