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YOD Look: 3 Ways to Style One Pair of Culottes

One thing I love is a versatile piece for my wardrobe. It’s really how I determine if the item is worth the buy. I ask myself these questions before every purchase…

Can this item be transitioned between seasons?

Can I think of at least 3 ways to style this item?

Is this item in my budget?

Is this a statement piece I can’t live without?

Is this piece timeless?

If I come across an item that meets at least 3 of these requirements, 9 times out of 10 it’s coming home with me.

That's exactly what happened when I ran across this great pair of tan culottes from Eloquii

I show you how I styled them below!


For the first look, I paired the culottes with a black blazer, sheer ruffled top to spice it up, and a pair of black knee boots.

If you want to create a similar more office appropriate look, try swapping out the black sheer top for a turtle neck or plain black shell.


For my next look, I went for more earth tones and paired the culottes with a vintage snake skinned button up. Along with, tan boots.

It could also be fun to play with a bright colored top here while keeping your shoe neutral.


To add some fun to the mix, for my last look I paired the culottes with a band tee (Wu-Tang Forever!). I layered the tee with gold chains and went with a peep toe suede mule.

This tee came with a corset style back. To make it my own, I swapped out the black lace for this neon yellow.

There are tons of ways you can get creative with tee shirts with these culottes. I'd love to see how you style yours. Drop your pics in the comments.

Until next time,

YOD Style


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